Leaving Patreon for Gumroad

Fuck you Patreon

Reposted from my final Patreon post

I’ve got to move it, move it.

SO. As most of you probably know, Patreon recently had a pretty serious security breach. They said all the very important information was encrypted, which means very sensitive info like SSNs and credit card info were not compromised.

However, information was taken. Not leaked. Patreon is not a kitchen sink. This is personal information people trusted Patreon with and through other people’s machinations and Patreon’s lack of safety, information about payments and addresses was taken. That sucks.

It is because of this mishandling of data that I’ve decided to move Hen & Chick and my other work to Gumroad. Patreon has other issues we were kind of willing to bear with in the hopes it would be ironed out but the security breach is a deal breaker for us. As a creator, I am displeased with how Patreon listens to creators and handles patrons information. In this age, in a time of doxxing and virtual currencies, all personal information is valuable and you should be saying how it is spent and transferred.

We use Gumroad to run our storefronts for Back That Elf Up and Shamsee, and our history with Gumroad has been more than exceptional. They have always been quick to respond when we’ve had issues and we have a lot more faith in their engineers. In addition, Gumroad has rolled out many new features which I think will make our experiences as creator-awesome person who likes to read my stuff way better. One really cool feature of Gumroad is you can download their free app for your Android or iPhone and use it to access anything you have purchased through them! Not just my stuff: ANYTHING you have bought through Gumroad. That includes books, music and more. Again, we think you are going to dig Gumroad!

Some of you might not want to switch over from Patreon to Gumroad! And that is totally understandable! I will miss you and hope you continue to read Hen & Chick on Amazon or elsewhere, or at least sign up for my newsletter to find out when we finally get it into a print book. As a way of saying thank you for supporting us this long, we would like to give you all a coupon for 100% off all digital merchandise in our Gumroad store. Download as much as you like. Download everything. You deserve it. You are fabulous.

Those of you coming along for our fun, fantastic ride, Hen & Chick is going to be better than ever. Your subscription will get you each month’s episode and a mid-month newsletter about the world of Hen & Chick. Whoa! Your subscription will still help me to create more diverse fiction, comics and RPGs. I will still use your support to pay for art, advertising and design, and still give coupons and peeks at things I am working on!

Anyways, I hope you all are having a good week. If you have any questions about this, please, do not hesitate to ask. Hope to see you on Gumroad!

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