November Review Challenge

Leading up to November and the start of November, it drops: National Novel Writing Month. Thousands of people dedicate themselves to writing and completing a draft of a novel. There are lots of reasons why people throw down with their word processors, and the dedication needed to do it definitely remarkable.

That being said, I don’t do NaNoWriMo. I’m not going to get into the details why (that’s another post for another day) but as I often do, I want to support the books that have already been written, edited, proofed, blurbed and published. I want to support games and films and all the hard work that has gone into them. And I want other people to see them.


I am challenging myself to rate or review one piece of media every day this month. When it’s on Amazon, I am going to do that and I am going to link to these reviews on my personal Facebook and Twitter feed. I’m going to focus on indie and underrepresented creators because these are the people who need the reviews the most and the stuff people are hungry for.

We as readers and viewers are an important part of the creative process and we can further engage with the stuff we adore by spreading the good word!

I am going to throw this challenge to you! Rate and/or review one piece of media a day for the month of November! A movie, a book, a comic, a game! Go for it! Geek out with the rest of us and make someone’s day by telling them you like their work or by helping a friend find a new favorite thing!

Happy reviewing :D

Oh, and if you can think of a good hashtag or name for this, feel free to share it XD