Patreon vs. Gumroad - VATMOSS

A Poll! Patreon vs. Gumroad!

tl;dr: Should I use Patreon or Gumroad Memberships/Subscriptions to launch my new serial and Behind Back That Elf Up Newsletter?


I was planning on running a Patreon this year to help kick off my newest endeavor, a sword and sorcery, slice of life, swashbuckling serial entitled Hen and Chick! However, then the Patreon VATMOSS issue rolled up and since I hadn’t launched, I decided to wait and see how it would all shake out. Chris and I did some research and found out Gumroad offers Subscriptions and Memberships, which operate very similarly to Patreon. Both Patreon and Gumroad have their pros and cons for me as a creator, but YOU are the user and have your own hat in the game. We’ve got information listed below for you to peruse before you decide but let us know, where would you prefer to go to help support me, Tristan, in all my literary endeavors?







Your Choice

So which platform would you prefer? Leave a comment below or on the poll on our Facebook page.

Plus, here’s a sneak peek at the cover for Hen & Chick by Mildred Louis! Hen and Chick concept art

Here’s a few links about the stuff I talk about above, if you want more info! My Patreon idea (this isn’t live but is basically what I was going to launch and trying to get to y’all!) Patreon About (video) About Gumroad Subscriptions About Gumroad Memberships An article about VATMOSS