The Marauders' Island - Release

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Heck yeah! Today, HEN & CHICK: The Marauders’ Island is official OUT! Available now on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes, the wait is over! You can get this awesome swashbuckling tale of magic, adventure and revenge into your hands!

What’s Hen & Chick about?

Azria is a mage of Miz, trained to wield the magic her country is famous for. When her estranged mother, alleged pirate Captain Apzana of the Hen & Chick, shows up on her 16th birthday offering her adventure, Azria leaves the life she knows for the promise of riches, renown and danger at her mother’s side.

But more mysteries than answers surface when Apzana reveals why she’s called on Azria after years of absence: the treasure of the Marauders’ Island, an island sunk into the Sapphire Sea generations ago by the infamous mage Iyzani. If Azria can raise the island, the score of a thousand shores will be theirs for the taking and she’ll secure her place among her mother’s crew. But when Iyzani emerges from the shadows to stop them, Azria must summon her power and navigate the waters of revenge and ambition.

A YA novel laced with coconut wine, salt, and magic!

I am so excited to kick off the first book in my second fantasy series! Fantasy is my favorite trappings to dress up stories in and Hen & Chick wears fantasy richly while spinning a tale about revenge, the lies people believe about each other, mother-daughter relationships, being your own person and more.

AAAAH!!! I hope you all are as excited about Hen & Chick as I am! Pick it up if you can or tell a friend. It’s the perfect summer read!

Xo tristan